Brenda Crowther

Jungian Analyst & Depth Psychologist

Brenda Crowther

Dream Group

Significant dreams … are often remembered for a lifetime, and not infrequently prove to be the richest jewel in the treasure-house of psychic experience.    Carl Jung

BrendaCelloCWe follow the process of dreaming, to understand their objective meaning.  The dreams are looked at from an objective standpoint and there is no personal therapeutic approach in this workshop. The structure of Jungian psychology is used and it is hoped that each will find an approach which is organic with their individual nature.  The dream work is intended to develop orientation in the dream so that meanings can be reflected on.  It is not a system of interpretation, rather we dialogue with the unconscious. 

Since its beginning in March 2009, the group has looked at fairy tales, myths and legends and psychological alchemy to help understand the symbolic content of dreams.  From October 2012 we worked to understand the mystery of the transference through discussion and as it appears in our dreams, going deeper into its sacred meaning and purpose, and its relationship to alchemy. From 1 September 2013 we looked into Jung’s Psychological Types and how our consciousness works in dreams. From October 2015 we looked at animal symbols in dreams.  From January 2017 our subject is: Individuation and we continue with this.

A dream that is not understood remains a mere occurrence; understood it becomes a living experience.  Carl Jung

At the beginning of the dream group, for a short time, we look at aspects of Jungian psychology from the objective and not the personal point of view.  The dream group is about working with dreams and not the therapy around them.  The next dream group is 5 November 2017. 

Spinning-mandalaThe cost is £10 per session.  Please phone or email to find out more.  At present the dream group is full and there is a waiting list for people who are interested. A one year Introduction to Jung course ended in April 2013 linked to the dream group work.  Other local workshops on different Jungian themes are listed on the ‘Jung by the Sea’ page. 

NEXT MEETING: First Sunday 5 November 2017 at 2.30 pm