Brenda Crowther

Jungian Analyst & Depth Psychologist

Brenda Crowther


A crisis is often a call to personal growth and development, which our deeper nature wants us to work with, to find a new path through life.

My analytic practice is in France and I also work by Skype from here.


I am a graduate of the Research and Training Centre in Depth Psychology according to C G Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz in Zürich, Switzerland, and also of the Guild of Analytical Psychologists in London.  I am a senior analyst and a member of the Association of Jungian Analysts in London.  Additionally, I’m a training analyst with the C G Jung Institute, Switzerland.  Behind me in this picture is the stone that Jung carved. It stands in his garden at Bollingen where he built his Tower, his place of retreat, on the edge of Lake Zurich.  Jung carved in Latin on the stone: “In remembrance of his seventy-fifth birthday C G Jung made and placed this here as a thanks offering in 1950.” A thankfulness, no doubt, for a life lived to the utmost, both inspiring and inspired. At Bollingen he created space to write, and absorb the quietness of nature and the movement of water that he loved. I like to think that he meditated on his dreams and that inspirations came to him here.

The Tower is a magical place and we all have a symbolic ‘Tower’ within ourselves.  In my inner tower, I contemplate and from this bring my inner images into the written form and prepare articles and just lately, a book.  In such an inner place we can all reflect on our experiences and dreams to deepen and widen self knowledge and find personal connections to the inner and outer world through the interesting, and sometimes marvellous, images that come from the unconscious in the form of dreams. These point to the rhythm and inner voice that urges us to follow it.

Analysis is such a process, developing the personality and the soul through the dreams and issues you bring into the dialogue. If you want to, this can also include expression through creative work such as painting, writing and movement.

I am a Fellow of the Guild of Pastoral Psychology, awarded for my contribution to Jungian Psychology.

Bollingen reedsI also give private consultations and workshops on the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle book, which I have studied and used for over 40 years. Carl Jung wrote about the inherent synchronicity in the I Ching and so it is a fitting aspect of my psychological work. The images in the I Ching are taken from nature: sky and water, organic growth and heat, all symbols of the four elements of fire, air, earth and water. This picture, taken from Jung’s Tower at Bollingen, shows these as we look across Lake Zurich on a warm day and feel the air and sounds of the water and the earthy vegetation. You will find more information about this on the ‘Psychological I Ching’ page. Details of Workshops, lectures and the Dream Group are listed too.

Spinning-mandalaMy practice is in the medieval town of Tournus in Eastern France close to the border with Switzerland. I work by Skype and Zoom at present because of the coronavirus conditions.  Please watch this site for further details and events in UK, USA, France and Switzerland.


Brenda Crowther holds the copyright for the content in both words and images: this includes all paintings and photographs on this web site, with the exception of the basket mandala on the ‘Jung by the Sea’ page, contributed by Emerald Turner, and the pictures of Jung’s retreat at Bollingen and the lake of Zurich taken by Elin Maanum from Norway. With thanks to both.  Permission must be sought to reproduce extracts or pages on this website.