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Brenda Crowther

About Me

Finding a path through life and a window on the world



As a young art student I related to Jung’s psychology through painting symbolic images.  The symbolic world was always present for me, and I listened to my dreams from the earliest years and became familiar with their mysterious landscapes.  I worked as an artist, art teacher and lecturer for many years, and also in the business world before training as a Jungian Analyst. 

Spinning-mandalaBefore the Jungian training, I studied and practiced yoga.  I loved and respected my teacher, worked with her for at least two decades, and owe her a great debt of gratitude for the understanding she gave me of my purpose.  In later years she worked with Jung’s psychology and dreams and introduced me to the Sufi teacher, Irina Tweedie, whose book: Daughter of Fire had a significant influence on me.  For some time I attended the ‘sittings’ of Mrs Tweedie and this deepened my interest in dreams.  After my teacher’s death she came in a dream and I asked her if I should train as a Jungian analyst?  She affirmed this and I began to prepare for training.

Coming full circle, I returned to my earliest dreams to reflect on them.  The dreams were still alive and could be contacted and deepened after many years, with understanding through active imagination and contemplation. 

When Jung’s Red Book was published in 2009 I felt this to be the most important publication of the new century.  Everything in it has deep resonance and I started to study it. 

The Red Book or Liber Novus is the record of Carl Jung’s journey through the mysterious realm of the unconscious.  With great courage, integrity and objectivity he wrote and painted about his encounters with many aspects of  the soul.  His dialogues with these psychic figures lead us into the more objective aspect of Jung’s psychology.

My qualifications:

  • BA(Hons): Painting and Art History
  • Post-graduate Art Teaching Certificate (PGCE)
  • Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française
  • MA: French Philosophy
  • Guild of Analytical Psychologists, London: Diploma in Analytical Psychology (Jungian Psychotherapy and Analysis)
  • Research and Training Centre for Depth Psychology according to C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz, Zürich, Switzerland: Diploma in Analytical Psychology (Jungian Analysis and Depth Psychology)

Registrations and Memberships:

  • Member of International Association of Analytical Psychologists (IAAP)
  • Member of United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
  • Member of the Association of Jungian Analysts (AJA), London
  • Training Therapist for Re-Vision: Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis:
  • Training Analyst for the Jung Institute, Zürich, Switzerland:
  • Past Committee Member of Jung Club London, and past Editor of Harvest Journal for Jungian Studies:
  • Past Member of Council of The Guild of Pastoral Psychology:


A Fellow of the Guild of Pastoral Psychology in UK: an honorary title given for my sustained contribution to Jungian Psychology.

I supervise PhD dissertations for individuals at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California, universities and Jungian training schools in UK, USA and Switzerland.