Brenda Crowther

Jungian Analyst & Depth Psychologist

Brenda Crowther

Psychological I Ching

It offers neither facts nor power, but for lovers of self-knowledge and wisdom – if there be such – it seems to be the right  book.   Carl Jung

Bollingen reedsThe Book of changes or I Ching, is a Chinese book of divination, a work of depth psychology and philosophy, dating back over 3,000 years.  Its origin, perhaps shamanic, is clouded over in mythical antiquity.  Its wisdom and psychological accuracy tap into your needs in a surprisingly personal way.

I have studied and worked with the I Ching for over 45 years and can help you tap into the symbolic world of the book and interpret it.  This involves a discussion around the problem affecting your life, and then forming a question to ask.  The oracle expresses itself through one of 64 situations (or hexagrams) and goes into psychological detail and depth.  The response is very illuminating.  A question can be asked about any problem.  The most common are:

  • Troubling personal issues.
  • Planning a new business, especially if concerned with ethical or spiritual guidelines.
  • Finding a spiritual or psychological way through a transition in life.
  • Working with the book as if it were a therapeutic inner guide, and building a communication with it.

The consultation

The consultation lasts about 2 hours.  The I Ching gives an understanding of the situation, with guidance on how to go forward.  I interpret the oracle in the light of your question, and in a deeply personal way, though I maintain the objectivity of the book.  There is time to ask questions about the divination and the I Ching’s counsel and discuss anything which comes up around that.

Working psychologically with the I Ching

The I Ching is helpful for individuals who travel a lot and do not have the time or opportunity to commit to regular therapy.  It is also useful if you just don’t like the idea of therapy, but feel the need for some guidance now and then from the I Ching.  An occasional consultation can offer you something to work with, and to reflect on, in the quiet moments you might find in a busy schedule or whilst travelling.  This way of working is available by skype and personal consultation.  It is a creative way to work, and you need to buy your own copy of the book.  Consultations can be recorded.