Brenda Crowther

Jungian Analyst & Depth Psychologist

Brenda Crowther

About Therapy

A crisis is often a call to personal growth and development, which our deeper nature wants us to work with, to find a new path through life

Jungian Analysis & Depth Psychology

Long and short term psychotherapy
Dream Work

Spinning-mandalaI help you to find your own path through whatever is troubling you.  This empathic approach taps the energy trapped deep within.  Initially, you may benefit directly through an increase in self-esteem and  self-awareness, but more essentially, this work touches the deep inner core of your true Self and encourages transformation.  When this happens life is enriched by a new attitude.  Individuals often ask how long this will take, and I say that it is a very individual path and much depends on what is going on in your life.  This process is helpful for a wide range of issues such as depression, stress, deep anxiety, phobias and  relationship problems which are symptomatic of events happening at great depth in the individual psyche.  Disturbing past events can be looked at with insight and wisdom and contribute to transformation.  Individuals suffering from ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome and eating disorders often benefit from depth psychology.

Therapy in the Second Half of Life

Planets-mandalaThe second half of life is important.  The healthy ‘mid-life crisis’ is sometimes treated as a mental health problem, when it is often the beginning of a transformative, spiritual process.  However difficult this may be, it can lead to a new place within yourself and bring vitality into life.  Working through this transition with Jungian analysis can turn out to be a creative and rewarding experience.

Working with dreams

Roses-kissDreams are wonderfully practical and especially helpful if you have been ‘stuck’ in something for a long time, and can’t seem to find a way through.  People vary in how often they dream, but sometimes just a small fragment can be revealing.  They come out of the unconscious and say things about your situation which might otherwise never reach the light of day.  Dreams can speed up your understanding and even reveal gifts that have remained hidden inside you.  Speaking about them in the safe place of therapy can bring realisations as they bring up new feelings.  Other creative processes such as painting, writing or movement, for example, are also useful.  Not everyone’s first language is the spoken word.

Bringing your Dreams …

If you want to work solely with dreams then you can book a single or double session to discuss them, and the dreams are then your work in progress for your life and inner development.  Many things come out of dream dialogues.